Slack Code of Conduct
Be nice to one another.
Airbyte's Slack community is growing incredibly fast. We're home to over 1500 data professionals and are growing at an awesome pace. We are proud of our community, and have provided these guidelines to support new members in maintaining the wholesome spirit we have developed here. We appreciate your continued commitment to making this a community we are all excited to be a part of.

If you asked for help and received a useful reply, please place a ✅ reaction by your original post to mark it as resolved.

If you ask a question and don’t get a response, review your question for clarity and revise it instead of reposting it. If you still feel that you haven’t received an adequate response, feel free to ping @support.

This is a public forum; do not contact individual members of this community without their explicit permission, independent of reason.

If you’re a vendor, you may advertise your product in #shameless-plugs. Advertising your product anywhere else, especially in direct messages (DMs), is strictly against the rules. We are appreciative when recruiters and vendors identify themselves through their Slack username.

For support and questions, generally avoid tagging community members. You will find that our community of volunteers is generally very responsive and amazingly helpful! As mentioned above, if you don’t receive an answer to your question, feel free to ping @support.

Using threads allows us to scope conversations without burying messages before it! They allow us to be organized in responding to questions and help keep our time to first response and resolution very low.
If you see a message or receive a direct message that violates any of these rules, please contact an Airbyte team member and we will take the appropriate moderation action immediately. We have zero tolerance for intentional rule-breaking and hate speech.
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Rule 1: Be respectful.
Rule 2: Check off your resolved questions.
Rule 3: Don’t double-post.
Rule 4: Keep it public.
Rule 5: No soliciting!
Rule 6: Don't spam tags.
Rule 7: Use threads for discussion.